Years of Experience - Case Studies in Residential Property


Acting for a HNW client in the purchase of various properties for his children. The client is the Chairman of a large company in Bangladesh where the funds came from. This required enhanced due diligence and compliance with AML checks. The work has led to an appointment as the Head of Legal for the group of companies in Bangladesh

Acting for a client in the transfer of a high value property back from his off-shore holding company into his personal name. Client based in Hong Kong and had previously been advised to set up an offshore company for tax purposes. Provided advice on SDLT implications and arranged for the transfer to be registered at the Land Registry.


Exchanged contracts on a £2million + purchase of a leasehold property in West London, in little over 24 hours from instructions. Added to the time challenge was the fact that I was out of the office on the day of instructions and the client was in transit between flights for most part of the second day. This does not come without experience.


Acted on various Lease Extensions under the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993, for apartments in prime locations like Marylebone & Westminster. Including sale transactions where the Lease Extension process required to be triggered and then assigned simultaneously with the sale of the property. Acted on the rectification of three leases that had been granted for three flats within a converted house. The leases had defective repair and maintenance provisions which required correcting by way of a Deed of Variation, which then required registration at the Land Registry.


Acted on various developments where a leasehold structure had to be in place after the development was completed and individual leases needed to be granted, with all common parts being retained by the freeholder or put into a freehold management vehicle.

Unregistered Land

Acted in various transactions involving unregistered land; requiring more in depth and detailed investigation of title from old deeds going back many decades, even a century or more in some cases. These have included small plots to large land holdings that had been passed down many generations; requiring full surveys to be undertaken and all boundary issues to be identified and resolved.

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