Years of Experience - Case Studies in Company / Commercial Related & Ancillary

Acting for a client who was under investigation by BERR, where the investigations could lead to a criminal prosecution. The client instructed a City firm to advise on the technical law, practice and procedure relating to the potential criminal prosecution as my firm lacks such expertise. I was retained to oversee the team of professional advisors including the City firm, the client’s book keeper, insolvency practitioner and accountant – my role being to ensure that all individuals were acting to the client’s best interest and in a timely manner. The client’s confidence in me is illustrated by the client’s willingness to pay two sets of legal fees.

Advising clients on a dispute referred by the Land Registry to the Lands Tribunal. The matter eventually became litigious which led to acting for the clients in defending the claims made by the other party. The claimant was eventually made to withdraw all of his claims and the defendants, were able to retain all of their properties without any loss to their portfolio.

Acted for a restaurant client in obtaining building regulations consent and discharge of planning conditions both of which proved troublesome given the local authority officers involved. Whilst not the everyday area of expertise, client was advised to proceed with the project and that any enforcement notice could be appealed in a Court – giving a more reasonable prospect of getting these matters resolved. This approach resulted in the planning officer immediately discharging the planning conditions and the buildings inspector issuing a completion certificate.

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