Commercial Dispute Resolution

Experience shows that dispute resolution (or litigation as it is more commonly known as) is not something that clients should rush into. At HUSANES LLP, we believe it is important to understand a client’s objectives and expectations as much as it is to understand the client’s legal position. We are not a ‘volume litigation practice’ and do not seek to encourage litigation. That said, we understand that in certain circumstances, a client may have no alternative but to issue proceedings or to defend proceedings issued against them by another party, in order to protect their legal rights and safeguard their best interests.
Court proceedings are often time consuming. They take up a client’s resources in terms of energy and personal time, and are often emotionally draining. Added to this is the fact they can also be very costly. For this reason, it is important to be clear with the client from the outset as to possible outcomes, costs and the risks involved. For this reason also, HUSANES LLP will only look to accept instructions from existing clients and those who understand clearly what will be involved, understand the possible outcomes and understand the risks. HUSANES LLP will be honest with you from the outset – we do not seek to accept every instruction on litigious matters and will certainly tell you if we believe your expectations are unreasonable!

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