The Methodist Church Act 1976

HUSANES LLP is particularly familiar with the requirements of the Methodist Church Act 1976, when dealing with property transactions. The Firm is able to advise on the Standing Orders and various restrictions and requirements when dealing with Model Trust property. Our advice to managing trustees, who are responsible for the day to day management of the property, is wholly impartial and independent of The Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes (TMCP), who act as the Custodian Trustee. As the Firm does not undertake any work for the Custodian Trustee, we can safely act in the best interests of the managing trustees and the local church councils, delivering the best in experience whilst being free from any conflict of interest.
A further benefit to managing trustees of Methodist Church property is that we can offer flexible charging arrangements. It is important to instruct a firm that can offer the necessary experience in dealing with TMCP Model Trust property, the relevant statutes and also in dealing with the central legal team for the Custodian Trustee. Firms lacking such experience are likely to require a longer time to deal with a transaction and struggle to resolve any issues that arise. This can cause a delay, add to costs and potentially put a transaction at risk. HUSANES LLP can offer this experience, without the same charge out rates, fee structures and potential restrictions of firms working with the Custodian Trustees.

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