Investment Agreements

Investment in a business can come in many shapes and sizes. When you are investing in a business, it is important to understand what you are committing to. In addition to any monetary investment, what will be expected from you in terms of time commitment? What will be your duties? What restrictions will you have to comply with?
In making this commitment, what will you expect in return? What monetary sums will be paid to you and how often? Will you be given a role within the business that will give you some element of control and authority, thereby safeguarding your investment further? Will you require that the business changes its behaviour, perhaps that it implements a more formal governance structure or changes its boardroom culture?
These are some of the issues that need to be thought out and documented at the outset to ensure that your investment is protected as far as reasonably possible. HUSANES LLP can take you through the process, understand your needs and expectations and then draft an agreement to reflect your exact needs. The final form that any such agreement may take will of course be a matter of negotiating between the parties, but HUSANES LLP will be there to guide you through the whole process, from start to finish.

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