Corporate Social Responsibility

  1. Introductory Comment
  2. Husanes LLP believes in stimulating a culture of social responsibility, displaying strong social and moral values in developing the Firm. We hope that this culture will further improve the way we conduct our business. We wish to develop as a socially responsible business, both internally and externally. Whilst we strongly believe that all businesses must make a positive impact on the communities in which they work and on their stakeholders, we must also be mindful of the business’ ability and capacity to promote such a culture. As a new business, very much in its infancy, its resources are limited and its abilities to effect or influence the community in which it works, is still very much restricted.
    As the business grows, our measure of success must include more than just maximising profits. Being a responsible business, we must endeavour to take care of those people and environments that we care about. We recognise that our success will come from our staff, our clients, the communities in which we work, and in supporting those charitable causes closest to our hearts.

  3. CSR Policy
  4. Despite being a new business, with a small presence and limited resources, it does not mean that our enthusiasm for corporate social responsibility must necessarily be dimmed! We have tried to explore and identify some key areas and activities that will help us to develop a strong socially responsible identity.
    2.1 Nurturing the future
    We believe that our people will be our biggest asset, playing an integral part in delivering the exceptional service levels we have set for ourselves. As the Firm grows, it will invariably bring in staff members. In addition to qualified legal staff, we aim to offer placements for successful trainee applicants thereby playing our role in training the next generation of lawyers. Equally, we aim to offer structured work experience placements to successful applicants, providing them with valuable experience of work and the working environment. This is our investment in future generations.
    2.2 Pro-Bono
    As a firm we are committed to undertaking work on a pro-bono basis for deserving clients (at the entire discretion of the Partners). We also aim to offer advice sessions through various partner organisations, though this is still being explored. We recognise the need to make a voluntary commitment to the local communities and / or vulnerable communities, with the founding Partner having undertaken such activities over many years.
    2.3 Supply chain management
    We aim to ensure wherever reasonably possible, that our suppliers share our focus on environmental impact, sustainability, fair-trade and labour laws. We shall try to engage on these issues with our suppliers, as part of the procurement process.
    2.4 Environmental Protection makes good business sense.
    Waste paper is already recycled, but we remain committed to continually reducing the amount of wastage. We recognise that the importance of reducing office waste is not only beneficial to the environment, but it also makes commercial sense. Our aim is to develop as close as reasonably possible towards a ‘paperless office’. Most of our written communications are by email and we encourage all recipients to respond by email and to avoid printing emails unless absolutely necessary.
    We are trying to work with a system that avoids hard copy files. Hard paper communications and printing is used only as a last resort, thereby avoiding unnecessary paper wastage and saving on printing costs. The aim is to eventually ensure that all files are stored and archived electronically. We recognise this will provide a huge saving on the use of resources, materials and storage costs, supporting our belief that protecting the environment makes good business sense too!
    2.5 Charitable Causes in a Global Community
    One of the most obvious and rewarding aspects of CSR is the support of charitable causes. Husanes LLP has a particularly keen focus on charities working to alleviate hardship and poverty. We recognise that we live in an ever increasingly global community, which requires such support to go beyond the immediate and local needs. We also believe that poverty can only be tackled long term through investment and education. Our aim is to provide focused support to at least one charity that combines all of the above - working in the poorest parts of the world, helping to eliminate such poverty and hardship through the provision of education. We are currently in the process of identifying such charities. Targets for the coming year :
    1. Identify an individual charity that will benefit from the firm’s support and guidance;
    2. Continue to raise awareness of CSR through encouraging dialogue among all of our people, including clients, suppliers, employees and communities about our commitment to CSR and the various activities in support.
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