Years of Experience - Case Studies in the ‘Not for Profit’ Sector

Housing Associations

Acted for a Housing Association in the purchase of a 999 year land lease from a parochial church and diocesan, coupled with a development agreement and long lease of residential parts over a church hall, to be constructed by the client. The land involved three unregistered titles requiring detailed investigation, having been passed over the years between various churches under various parochial orders. Involved detailed negotiations over the land lease, residential lease and the development agreement.

Churches & Charities

Acted for a number of charities on property transactions from short term market rental of commercial property and statutory lease renewals to high value sales and complex development projects, being experienced with the property aspects of the Charities Act. The clients have in particular included two national Christian organisations with substantial land holdings across the UK, one of which has added statutory regulation. One leasehold transaction in Mayfair involved a rent review which eventually went to £250,000 per annum from the previous £60,000 per annum – achieving a sizeable increase for the client.

Acted on another church development project involving two sites, where each was being transferred to a developer who agreed to demolish and build a new church and then transfer that part back to the client, retaining the rest of the land for their own development. This involved very lengthy and complex documentation, requiring numerous occupants on each site to be moved out and relocated temporarily until the development on each site was completed and the occupants were able to return under new arrangements. Due to the complex negotiations and various statutory regimes and requirements, the documentation took almost 18 months to complete!

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