Years of Experience - Case Studies in Bank Security Work

Acting for a lender making an advance to a company registered in the British Virgin Islands. Involved in obtaining a legal opinion from a BVI lawyer and ensuring security executed and perfected by registering at HMLR and overseeing registration in the BVI.

Acting for a lender making an advance on the security of a farm with mixed residential land. The transaction involved two farms with residential accommodation (one being purchased and one already owned by the mortgagee) being split into several plots and being transferred into two pension funds, to various family members and two family owned companies. The security involved various legal charges, personal guarantees, debentures and corporate cross guarantees.

Acting on a transaction involving the re-mortgaging of a marina / harbour consisting of three separate sites. The security land involved eleven titles including land and sea bed, with issues over rights of way, breach of covenants and a detailed examination of the planning history. Advising on restrictive covenant indemnity insurance, preparing supplemental reports on all outstanding issues and arranging completion. The security involved three legal charges, six debentures and a corporate cross guarantee from the six related companies.

Acting for a lender making an advance on the security of a small shopping centre. Detailed investigation of title and reporting on numerous leases and sub leases and all relevant documentation (rent reviews, licences to assign, licenses for alterations etc). The transaction involved eleven reports on title to the lender.

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