Years of Experience - Case Studies in Commercial Property

Foreign Clients

Acting for a medical research company based in Chicago with European head office in the UK, in upsizing their premises within a science park. Initially client wanted to take a new lease with the same Landlord but then abandoned this and opted to acquire their own premises. Funds came from the parent company based in the USA and required enhanced due diligence with additional AML checks.

Acting for a Panama registered company with a prime central London office building looking to grant a lease to its UK connected company. Obtaining a Panama lawyer’s opinion and ensuring the transaction was in accordance with both Panamanian law and the UK law in order to ensure all Land Registry formalities could be met. The family owning both companies are from Yemen so the client care formalities required enhanced due diligence.

Commercial Clients

Acting for a family owned company operating residential care homes. The properties owned in the names of individual family members had to be transferred into the name of an incorporated company for tax and refinancing purposes. This involved dealing with the lender’s solicitor’s requirements which included company related matters (such as transfers at undervalue and equalisation of share ownership etc) and considering stamp duty implications.

Acting for a regular client who puts together development sites by securing options over parcels of land owned by different owners (such as gardens), obtaining planning permission and then assigning the benefit of the options to developers. The largest site worked on involved fifteen parcels of land, whose owners were represented by six different solicitors, thus involving very complicated negotiations over the option agreements and the planning agreement

Acting for a family owned business with a small property portfolio in Hoxton, London. Various units let out on short term leases requiring regular renewals.

Acting for a client purchasing a new commercial unit in the name of a pension scheme and granting a leaseback to the client’s trading company. Dealing with warranties and the requirements of the lender being mindful of the potential for a conflict of interest.

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